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Car Insurance is usually meant for all categories of vehicles on road. Also termed as motor, vehicle or auto insurance. Their exclusive purpose is to provide you financial assistance against any type of damage to your vehicle such as accident, theft and many more. A lot of people think it’s not worthy to spend money on car insurance policy, But you should think again, accidents does happen and as it happens to other it can happen to us also and at that time you will realize the importance of car insurance and regret on not doing so. Now e days we can avail any type of car insurance policy, a lot of companies provide insurance online.

 But before choosing a car insurance coverage we must note down some points:

  1. Proper understanding of multiple policies and their covers and then to choose one that fits your condition and circumstances the best.
  2. Always make sure of your exact preferences of policy, so that you will pass off those you don’t require.
  3. Use internet to gain knowledge on car insurance as most of the companies have gone online for promotion so check their quotes, price and then compare them after finding some suitable deals.
  4. Ask around your friends, relatives and office mates for some good suggestions and enquire about their car insurance policy.
  5. Look for great offers from companies such as seasonal or festival offers and then you can lock it down.
  6. The premium cost to be paid will depend on a lot of factors such as age, sex, location, and driving and credit report.




Car insurance policy is generally of two types:

  • Third party liability cover: It’s aligned with all legal responsibility resulting from any type of car accidents. It consists of assets damage to third-party, injury or even death. But it does not comprise of any return against damaging of vehicles. This cover is compulsory in many countries as well in India. It contains personal accident benefit for the owner and other drivers along with legal protection for death or any type of injury from third-party.
  • Comprehensive cover package policy: It offers protection to both, the vehicle and owner and provides cover on both situations, damage by natural factors or by manmade faults. It includes defense against exterior damage by accidents, torrent, volcanic activity, blast, fire, robbery otherwise riots and strikes. However insurance may vary from company to company.


Things you should follow to get benefited:

  1. Note that every insurance policy will never be able to provide you a package that is best matched to the needs and desires yours or any other client.
  2. You need a kind of policy that is particularly adapted to meet almost all of your needs and desires.
  3. Insurance is mainly depended on precise value of your car.
  4. Insurance will vary on the number of drivers of the car.
  5. Use provisional insurance for extra drivers instead of having them integrated in the very same insurance policy.
  6. Increase the amount of experience you have, It creates greater chances for the overall premium levels to go down.
  7. You can lower your overall premium, by having better driving record and not having any kind of bonus claims.

Insurance is a necessity for every motor vehicle before using it on roads. A point must be remembered by customers, that car insurance plans do not consist of a car’s electrical or mechanical failure or in case of drink and drive or if the car is driven outside geological area. Thus it is profitable in every respect as it ensures your protection and security to the car.


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