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Havanese Puppies Sassy Charmers with Attitude

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Are you ready to add a fluffy pup to your home? Then consider a Havanese pup and discover why these animals are beloved by so many doting owners.


When searching for Havanese puppies for saleyou need to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable dog breeder. We are happy to provide customers with quality Havanese pups with outstanding bloodlines. The parents were carefully selected to ensure that these puppies would all have the correct physical appearance, intelligence and friendly temperament associated with the Havanese breed.




These dogs are recognized as Cuba's national breed and they are treasured by all the Cuban people. Once only the elite members of Cuban society were permitted to own these toy dogs but today the Havanese has become loving family pets for millions of people.


Toy Breed


The AKC recognizes the Havanese as a toy breed and these dogs have the small stature and weight associated with this canine class. When you begin looking at the available Havanese puppies for sale in Ohio you will quickly notice these little balls of fluff each has the heart and spirit of a lion.




This is a sturdy little dog that normally weighs 6-12 pounds upon maturity. These animals may appear to be heavier at first glance due to their dense, wavy fur. The long coat is lightweight and has a silky texture. The tail is plumed and curls over the dog's rump.These dogs have expressive eyes that are almond shaped and reflect their bright and inquisitive natures.




The long-haired coat does require routine grooming but without the high maintenance of a poodle which has much thicker, coarser fur. The fact that these dogs do not shed is yet another reason why the Havanese puppies for sale in Ohio are in high demand. These dogs are an ideal choice for anyone with allergies.





Many people are eagerly seeking Havanese puppies for sale because these dogs make excellent companions for children as well as adults. A Havanese can assume the role of protector, guardian, playmate or lap dog depending on the circumstances. Some Havanese pups are even trained to herd chickens. As a family pet the Havanese is an ideal choice and will prove adaptable to almost any home environment.


Havanese puppies are relatively easy to train if you are patient during the teaching sessions. These dogs are very loyal and want to please their owners. Once you come face to face with one of these small dogs it will be love at first sight.



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