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Aspects of Space

Many aspects of time and space are closely related. Many of the child’s misconception about time have close counterparts in his ideas of space. For judgi...

Development of teeth

Around two and a half years of age the last of child’s deciduous teeth the second molar appears, causing more pain and discomfort to the child than earlier...

Language & Literacy growthin Children

Kids are acquiring numerous skills. One of the most significant is their ability to understand and become conscious of printed material and to enjoy the us...

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Motor Development

It is the development of control over bodily movements through the co-ordinate activity of the nerve centre, the nerves and the muscles. Two ba...

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Steps to Start a Toddler in Crèche

A changeover to day care is at times challenging for a child, particularly if she is accustomed to staying home among a parent all day. Your child’s charact...

Teaching of Motor Activity

Physical education proves very valuable in the learning of physical skill. In addition to this, in modern colleges, the teachers help the students t...

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