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Welcome to the Worldbridges Chat Room You have entered -EdT

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    Welcome to the Worldbridges Chat Room
    You have entered -EdTechTalk.
    [tomshepp] Have they ever talked about Shortcover ebooks on Chapters?
    [JenM] Follow up on the recycle stuff:
    [JS] Yea vi.
    [tomshepp] Wondering about it.
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    [dave] a JS in the house that is cheering VI i wonder who that might be
    [sharonp] at least Jen acknowledged her US-centrism.... appreciate that
    [JS] Just walked in the door.
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    [dave] @JS wanna come in?
    [JS] nah, you kids go ahead.
    [sharonp] this HAS to be funny!
    [sharonp] (psst.... everyone.... leave a message for Jeff!)
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    [Alvin Trusty] I don't think IrfanView is OSS either... just free
    [sharonp] awesome, Jeff! Thanks!
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    [sharonp] if I wanted to create a portal for my school.... do you recommend drupal? joomla??
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    [sharonp] how about on my server?
    [JS] I've used 'em both. Use Wordpress.
    [sharonp] both OSS,.... just want to know learning curve
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    [JS] Unless you REALLY need the extra stuff.
    [Alvin Trusty] I'm with JS - WordPress
    [sharonp] WP as a portal... hmmm
    [sharonp] think I want a CMS.... used opencms in the past
    [sharonp] want simple, basic, multiple users to add content
    [sarah h] I want our network geeks to set up a CMS for me   
    [JenM] Roku: ... and ... ... and ...
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    [sharonp] I want an information system of "disposable info" that does involve multiple emails!!
    [sharonp] does NOT involve multiple emails
    [sharonp] thanks for your input, guys.... love this show
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    [matt montagne] amazon's video on demand service is pretty decent...not a great library, but OK
    [sharonp] does the video on demand work in Canada?
    [JenM] @sharon ... good question?

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