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'password protected workbook' Excel 2007 error

by jenymaria

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Microsoft Excel application lets you organize, edit and analyze data, which can be arranged in tables. Therefore, it comes across as a very handy application to store financial data. Often Excel workbooks get corrupt. The reasons behind corruption include application malfunction, storage media corruption, virus attacks, power fluctuations, improper system shutdown and more. When you try and access a corrupt Excel file, you may receive an error message and data stored inside the Excel sheet also become inaccessible. In such situations, you must execute the Open and Repair option, which would let Excel carry out necessary rectifications and display the data. However, if corruption is severe, you may lose a great deal of information. But, the good news is that you can repair a corrupt Excel spreadsheet by opting for an  Repair Excel File  software.

Consider a scenario, wherein, you save an Excel 2007 file that has an Excel 4.0 macro sheet in the .xlsb format. You close and re-open the file, and set a password to protect the file. You again save the changes and close the file. Now, when you open the file again, you may receive the following error message:

'Cannot insert Excel 4.0 macros in a restricted or password protected workbook.'

After you click OK to recover the file, you may receive the same error message again and again.

After repeated attempts, you may receive the following error:

"The workbook cannot be opened or repaired by Microsoft Excel because it is corrupt."


You can receive the above error message due to the following reasons:

Excel 2007 has some shortcomings
If your Excel 2007 workbook is corrupt


Try the following workarounds in order to isolate the problem:

The issue can be fixed by obtaining the latest hotfix for MS Office 2007
If the spreadsheet is corrupt, you must follow these Excel file repair steps:
1.Set the recalculation option in Excel to manual
2.Open the Excel file in Microsoft Word or WordPad
3.Open the file in Microsoft Excel Viewer
4.If a chart is linked to the corrupted file, use a macro to extract the data

However, in order to achieve best recovery results, you must grab a third-party  Excel repair  utility at the earliest.

Such tools employ improved scanning algorithms in order to extract data from a corrupt Excel workbook.

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