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People Eat with their Eyes First with Just a View at the Bak

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People eat with their eyes first. If you have a restaurant that is appealing, contemporary, and relevant both from the street and interior, the food tastes better.”

Don Thompson - President and COO of McDonalds


Due to the unmatchable improvement in area of health science and nutrition, we Americans are becoming more and more diet conscious. The thing that matter most to us is, “food hygiene”, and no matter whether it is McDonalds or a bakery shop at the corner of an aisle, if the edibles are not well presented in neat and tidy bakery cases, customers are not going to entice towards them.


People eat with their eyes first.” What does this slogan means?

When I was a commercial cookery student few decades back before becoming a bakery case maker, we use to have a wall hanging in our institute’s practice kitchen, “people eat with their eyes first.” However, I realised the height behind this slogan, when I first opened my bakery case makers’ business. Undeniably, now I can say that the secret behind my pastry shop and several others is the right cases.


What are the benefits of these bakery cases?

  • Customer enticers: A beauty behind curtain will hardly be noticed, similarly, if you a have a wonderful Chocolate truffle cake besides the covered cases, no one will ever come to find it. These colourful trays stuffed with delicious and mouth-watering pastries, pudding, cakes and pies made of simple ingredients are a prominent, mesmerizing and tantalizing lure for buyers. Hence, a bakery case is a smart investment.


  • Uniform product cooling: These refrigerated bakery display cases provide uniform cooling. Unquestionably, a baker spend long hours on finalising a cake, pastry or pudding and these have to be served as fresh as it was handed over by baker. These refrigeration and programmable cooling system preserve them from being stale. There are cases, which come with condensate evaporator, which simply eliminates the need for drain on Refrigerated Models.


  • More space for meeting bigger demands: Bakery cases comes in various designs are shapes to accommodate more of your bakery and deli stuff. Using these front glass LUBCD models with heavy duty aluminium finish main decks, baker can preserve for longer.


  • Helps you when it is “help yourself concept”: These display cases are very helpful and a comfort indeed for counters that encourage self-service. Here, customers can open the front lid and can grab their treat easily, which eventually mitigate their waiting period and increase sales on the other side.


As a result, this utility product has become a necessity for all those bakers who want to hike up their quality sales. For more information about these refrigeration system and particularly bakery cases models, log on to

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