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Postoperative Care in Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

by NewYorkDentists

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Postoperative Care in Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments of Bridges/Crowns and Veneers


Recently, I had a colleague complaining about the increased sensitivity of her teeth after getting a dental bridge at New York’s dental clinic. Most cosmetic dentistry NYC clinics provide the best treatments for the various flaws of the teeth. After performing these procedures, the candidate is also given comprehensive advice about the follow up care. In the section below, a Cosmetic Dentistry NYC specialist has discussed the postoperative care after some common dental treatments such as crown/bridges and veneers.

Care with Bridges/Crown:

Bridges and crowns are some the most regular procedures that are performed of thousands of New Yorkers. However, the following steps should be considered before undergoing this procedure.

  • In most cases of ensuing crowns or bridging procedure, a temporary crown of a universal shade is placed. This helps the dental candidate to carry out his/her normal activities unhindered.

  • Crowns may be fitted below the gum line and this may result in the irritation of the tissue along with raised levels of sensitivity. The sensitivity is towards the application of pressure or hot/cold objects.

  • After the levels of amnesia diminish, it is possible for an individual to experience a little discomfort in the bite. This is easily resolved in a couple of days as the individual carries all the activities with ease.

  • A good oral care should be followed to prevent the onset of any periodontal disease that may affect the life of the crown or the bridge. A dental evaluation should also be done twice in an year to prolong the benefits provided by these procedures.

Care with Dental Veneers:

It is a well-known fact that dental veneers are used to improve the aesthetics of the teeth. Veneers can last up to many years but may require postoperative care. The section below discusses the various types of postoperative measures concerning veneers.

  • The dental candidate should not chew on teeth until the anesthesia provided has worn off completely. Extremely cold/hot objects should e avoided after the veneers have been fitted.

  • Any irritation of the gum tissue can be easily cured and countered with the help of proper dental care. Foods that involve heavy chewing and that may stick to the teeth should be completely avoided.

  • Like most other forms of restorations, the life of the veneers can be prolonged with the help of a proper dental hygiene.

A Cosmetic Dentistry NYC expert provides dental treatments to avert dental problems and oral diseases and these are successful when proper care is taken in to consideration after the treatments Visit for details.

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