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Welcome to the Airsoft Universe

by Dardanos

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The Airsoft game has become so popular among the youth and the not-so-old. The fact that these guns fire plastic rounds (BBs) which can hardly cause bodily harm unless aimed at the eyes makes this game all the more exciting. The means to fire the ammunition is by spring, gas or electric power. Another fantastic aspect about these guns is that they are so realistic in looks and feel to the real guns. This prompted the federal government to require them to always have an orange tip so as to distinguish them as toy guns. They are so real that people are urged never to flash them out in public areas. Airsoft guns are also found among the military and other law enforcement agencies which use them as cheaper yet effective training aids.

In this booming game, participants reenact different covert military situations such as the Vietnam and Iraq wars, both World Wars, combat training, target shooting, and so forth. Many people take this past time very seriously and want to enjoy every bit of it and that is why you find them investing in the best Airsoft guns and accessories such as military uniforms, silencers, scopes, lasers and green spots, BBs of different weights, and so forth.

It is easy to get started in the Airsoft experience as there are no special permits or requirements. Most stores however require that the buyers be over eighteen years of age to purchase any of the guns. Having met this stipulation all what one needs to do to obtain an air soft gun is to just go into a store and select a gun which suits him/her. Doing this provides a challenge though because in a decent air soft store one will encounter a massive collection of these guns and so some form of guide will be most welcome to help one zero in on a good gun.

The selection criterion for Airsoft starts at the type of guns available. Many people love semi and fully automatics and for such one should choose between the electric and gas powered guns. The non automatics are the spring type and these are commonly used for target practice. Spring guns are very reliable in cold weather where the gas guns are adversely affected as a result of heat-pressure issues. You can also shop by gun model i.e. the pistols, shotguns, rifles, and sniper rifles, and here you will be guided by the role that you will play in the game/s. The gun brand also plays huge role in determining the cost. Some manufacturers specialize in guns which cost anything between 50 and 200 dollars while others such as renowned Classic Army and Tokyo Marui have guns that cost up to $900.

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