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Yarn Aspirators And Melt Pump Repair From Professionals

by Editor123

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Today’s world is of high technology,
micro- precision and fast production rate. There is no question of
accepting a product that is not perfect in terms of not only shape and
size but also the quality of the materials used. Customers will also
insist on the same quality of the batch irrespective of the volume of
production. All these requirements mean that firstly the producer must
have the best of CNC machines, both for turning and milling operations
besides a laboratory with the ultimate in both metallurgical tools and
metrology. These professional establishments must be ISO certified
since this will give customers the sense of confidence that is required
before the task is entrusted.

If yours is the field of textiles engineering, you will be
interested in an engineering company that has all the above requisites
besides the ability to produce precision parts as required. These parts
include yarn aspirators and idler rolls, interlacing jets and ceramic
guides besides thread up tools. Your enterprise may also require the
facilities of metallurgical analysis; melt pump repair, gearbox repair
and laser measuring and extrusion barrel alignment among others.

Manufacturing houses that have the above capabilities generally
produce a wide range of handheld as well as wall mount aspirators for
extrusion. The range of yarns used include BCF and POY, CF and tape
yarn besides filament and multifilament yarns. These yarn aspirators
are an economical alternative when you compare these with the European
models that are more expensive. These aspirators are used in the
spinning process of polymers such as PET and Nylon, PU and PVC besides
PVP, PE, PTFE and PEG besides several other kinds.

These suction/air powered thread up guns are generally used in several extrusion applications involving melt spun yarns. These yarn aspirators
are made of 100% billet aluminum body with an easy to use butterfly
valve. This valve allows free adjustment of airflow for ensuring easy
use. Unlike external ball valves these butterfly valves do not cause
operator damage. Further, unlike OEM produced inferior aspirators the
better jets are made of hardened tool steel that ensure long life.
These aspirators can handle up to 50,000 total denier and speeds that
may reach 8,000 m/min.

Melt pump repair
is one of the facilities you will find with the better engineering
industries. There are some industries that have been offering this
facility since 1993. You don’t have very many companies in the USA that
can refurbish such ultra high precision melt or metering pumps. Some of
these companies may also be certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards. At
these companies the use of top class CNC and EDM machines besides two
coordinate machines with 0.000080” accuracy ensures that the melt pump
repair is carried out each time to the standard of OEM spec.

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