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The Lap Child of the Himalayas

by manjuchandra

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The world Himachal literally
translates to “in the lap of Himalayas” and owing to its location it is a name
rightfully given. The state of Himachal Pradesh lies on the western Himalayas at a height of about 1148 ft to 2966 ft above
sea level. This geographical location has provided it with picturesque
landscapes and a wonderful climate which many tourists flock to see and feel.


This place is a land of religion,
beauty, adventure and fun. The age old monasteries resonating with prayers, the
scenic beauty of the snowcapped Himalayas with its rivers, valleys and lakes,
the thriving green pastures, the mountainous trails with trekkers, ski resorts
and Para gliders this state has it all. The
enchanting atmosphere of beauty, prayers and adventure all intertwined makes it
a strong tourist destination.


A holiday here provides you with so
much beauty and splendor that it takes more than words or pictures to describe
the time spent here. From the tranquility of nature to its raw power can be
experienced in this state with the help of Himachal


As the world now has grown smaller
with the advent of technology come experience the vastness of nature that lays
untouched by the modernized world. Himachal
tour packages
brings to you a tour of the clandestine Himachal with
places to see and things to do such as-


Shimla railway (Shimla)-

given the title of a heritage by UNESCO this ride takes you through a series of
picturesque landscapes in abundance of green hills, trees, springs etc. This is
a ride that provides you with plenty of time to admire the beauty of the hills
unlike fast moving trains.


Mall (Shimla)-
is a place to take you leisured walk around and shop around a bit. The place
also has scenic view that is really good. A lot of locals can be seen here and
can be a good place to interact with some.


Devi Mandir-
on a rock mushroomed from earth lays this ancient temple built in honour of
Hidimbi Devi who was a character in the epic Mahabharata. 

Monasteries- Himachal also has a
very good number of monasteries that are beautiful and majestic. These
monasteries are worth a visit when in Himachal Pradesh.


this is a retreat during the British rule by Indian
viceroys which at now serves as an Indian Institute for Advanced Studies. A
piece of history that is worth


Norbulinka Institute- a wonderful institute that has been dedicated to the
preservation of Tibetan culture. The paintings and murals on the wall are
really beautiful, an art form that has been really well preserved.


Hot springs- There are a number of hot springs in this state and one can
enjoy mother natures warm sulphur baths to relax and rejuvenate them.


Rohtang Pass- is Manali-Keylong roads highest point. The scenic view from
this place is unmatched also near by is the source of Beas
river. Watching the mountains slowly disappearing among the clouds is a sight
to be seen.


And these are just a
few to get you started. With its innocent beauty and charm this lap child of
the Himalayas is really a place to see, stay
and enjoy. A holiday here will definitely please you.  


For more details you can visit Himachal tourism  .

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