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You Can Pick Fredrix Stretcher Bars Online

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Today’s premier stretcher bar houses have some great ranges in bars.
These bars are made from the finest kiln dried fir wood that are
stable, strong and will not warp or bend even with the passage of time.
The range of stretcher bars includes the medium or standard duty, light
duty, medium/heavy duty also known as Goldilocks, heavy duty stretcher
bars or Midi and the super heavy duty stretcher bars.


The Medium or Standard Duty stretcher bars are also known as Fredrix stretcher bars
or stretcher strips. These are the standard stretcher bars or strips
and these are used by the vast majority of artists and framers. These
stretcher bars come in sizes of ¾” depth and 1 5/8” in width. The best
part of these Fredrix stretcher bars is the bull nose or the slightly
raised round over of the face edge of the bar.


These rounded edges as against the sharp and flat edges result in a
large reduction in the friction that is normally experienced during
stretching. Due to this reduction in friction you can get a canvas face
that is tighter and more even. There is also a reduction in the stress
that is placed on the canvas besides the effort required by the person
who does the stretching as he leverages the canvas with a pair of
pliers around the frame.


There are a couple of more benefits of the raised edge in Fredrix
stretcher bars. Firstly, the canvas is lifted away from any contact
with the wood. Secondly, the edge also allows a small margin for
gallery wraps which have an abrupt transition between the face image
and its side. The larger width of the bar also helps to withstand the
tendency of bowing due to taut stretching. These bars have an actual
depth of 11/16” though these are referred to as ¾” depth.


Besides the economical light duty stretcher bars with which you can
stretch a smaller canvas without spending too much and medium/heavy
duty stretcher bars that are a great compromise at a size of 1 3/16”
depth and 1 3/16” width, there are the heavy duty stretcher bars
referred to as Midi. These are a great purchase if you want an added
depth but do not wish to spend too much money.


The heavy duty stretcher bars
are strong, heavy duty and of exceptional quality. Though you get a
depth that is the same as the Super Heavy Duty bar, you pay much less
for these bars. These bars are also eased just as in the case of the
other bars and that gives smoother stretching conditions that offer far
less resistance. Since you have a ¾” rise the canvas also can’t come in
contact with the inside breadth of the frame.


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