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Understanding SR-22 Insurance Forms

by mckaylakoehne

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One of the biggest keys to success as a driver is having the very best car insurance you can buy. Of course, we all come from different walks of life, and as such, we have different needs when it comes to buying coverage for our motor vehicles. There exists a wide variety of car insurance options designed to meet just about every driver’s particular needs, and they all have the benefit of saving tons of money that would otherwise come straight out of our pockets. Sometimes the details vary from place to place, so if you live in Los Angeles, for example, you should research how things work in your area. One thing’s for certain, though: There are numerous misconceptions about insurance policies that leave many confused when they go out looking for quotes. One of the most commonly asked questions is probably “What is SR-22 insurance in Los Angeles, and how do I go about getting it?”



The answer to that question is something that often surprises quite a few people. In reality, SR-22 is a term that doesn’t refer to any specific type of insurance policy at all. The truth is that SR-22 is a type of form, and its purpose is to serve as proof that you are in possession of certain types of insurance. The form is filed to the state by the insurance company, stating that the individual is currently carrying a particular kind of liability coverage. The insurance types detailed in the SR-22 form are forms of coverage that the state requires you as a driver to purchase, as there are many kinds of insurance policies that are mandatory in certain parts of the country.



Of course, which coverage types qualify as mandatory depends entirely on what state you live in, so just because something is required in one location doesn’t mean the same is true everywhere. Be sure that you know what is required in California is you’re seeking SR-22 insurance in Los Angeles.



So if you hear someone discussing SR-22 ­insurance, know that they aren’t referring to any particular policy; they are instead referring to information relayed to the state by the insurance company to inform them of what forms of liability a person has in place. You should also remember that since the form contains information about the kinds of coverage you carry, the state will be notified if you happen to cancel any of the mandated policies.



There are a lot of resources available for obtaining SR-22 forms, many of which can be found online. Simply run a web search or contact your local insurance company; in Los Angeles alone there are many businesses that can supply you with more information.



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