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Perfect Solar Energy Products for You

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It’s the last wake-up call earth people are ever going to get. There could never be another chance for us to switch over from using non-renewable sources for our energy exigencies. Our eco-system has undergone some serious damage within the past few years. The usage of petroleum and its derivatives has been to great extent. The signs of the caused damage can be seen in terms of tsunamis & rapid climatic changes, glaciers withdrawal, floods as well as drought following in quick succession. The only solution for survival is the solar energy products that help reduce the carbon footprint without retarding progress.

The solar energy products are in the shape of space cooling and heating with the use of solar architecture. Water can be made potable through disinfection and distillation using solar energy. Solar cooking is an option and so are several other domestic and industrial purposes. Besides, there are other options to be used among renewable energy sources as: the use of geothermal energy, wind energy, energy from rain and tidal energy. Biomass, hydroelectricity and ethanol fuel production from sugarcane are an excellent renewable source of energy. But, of all these, the solar installation comes as the best example of proven technology that can be readily used both for domestic as well as industrial needs.

The use of solar energy products for domestic requirements can reduce up to 100% of the electricity costs. A solar installation adds value to any home or commercial/industrial building while paying for itself in just a few years. The solar energy system adds value without causing an increase to property taxes. The solar system is environment-friendly and non-polluting.

Today’s state and federal incentives for your solar installation can save up to 80% of the system cost. The solar technologies that are eligible for rebates encompass photovoltaic or PV, solar hot water, solar HVAC and solar day light systems. The proven technology uses panels that come with a 25-years warranty. To make this option more viable is the concept of net metering that’s in use in Arizona. This allows homeowners to bank their surplus solar energy for use at a future date.

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