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How to Feature On Google’s First Page

by anonymous

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Everyday billions of search requests are processed by Google.Millions of users use Google to search information. The top ten websites on the first page of the search results are considered to have the highest potential visitors.That’s why probably every website on the Internet wants to reach to the top through Google.  Being on Google’s first page is neither easynorimpossible. Websites with good content, SEO and higher number of backlinks get this position with a bit of strategies and struggle. A website has to be well optimized to have a considerable rankin this race towards the number one position in Google. It takes time, patience and knowledge of the Internet business tactics to get a higher rank. 

Google requires websites to be optimized to rank high in its results. It wants a website to be of high quality before letting it enter this competition. Without proper quality, websites would be still there but behind thousands of other competitors. And certainly this isn’t needed. 

Backlinks are the most important factors that affect the ranking of a website. A website with higher number of other websites pointing towards it will attain a higher rank. The reason behind this is that Google considers the website to be important because of higher number of relations with other sites. This certainly adds to the credibility of the website in Google’s eyes.In other words, the websites pointing to a particular websites vote for it. And as the rule goes, the one with the highest number of votes shall win. 

The votes in form of backlinks, add to the promotion of a website making Google give a consideration over them. But it is not an easy task to gain backlinks. A website has to have good content and better optimization for others to exchange links. The intention of the website has to be according to the subject it is based on and it should not violate any copyright or cyber law. In other words, the content has to be original and crisp. Websites exchange links easily with only those who have good and original content. 

Google is the most visited website on the Internet. As an estimate three out of four results on the first page Google are clicked. In that case, any website that has managed to get to the top of the ranking shall gain a lot of traffic and in return have a good income. Such websites decrease their promotional investments because Google provides them with enough traffic to earn profit.That is why being on first page of Google is important to generate revenue out of your online business, beating other competitors.For More Detail Visit :

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