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Can I Work as a Locum Tenens, a Physician Recruitment Agency

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The word locum tenens finds its origins from the Latin phrase “holding the place of,” many physician recruitment agencies offer locum assignments to physicians seeking employment opportunities. There are decisive aspects one needs to consider before taking on a locum tenens assignment for building a good reputation and a skillful practice career in the healthcare industry.


Who can work in Locum Positions?

  • Seasoned Physicians- Many physicians, who have spent years serving at a particular medical facility, opt for locum positions to lead a semi-retired life. This helps them to overcome the administrative hassles associated with a permanent position. They can not only keep their clinical skills updated but also earn a part-time income.


  • Part-time Physicians- This category includes physicians who do not have active schedules or are on vacations, and are looking to earn an extra income with a locum opportunity, in addition to their permanent employment. Emergency medical assistants for instance can avail this locum tenens position when they are not regularly scheduled.


  • Career as a Locum Tenens- There are physicians who use locum tenens jobs as the main source of revenue. Many physicians, who cannot handle the exorbitant rates of malpractice insurance, use this as an opportunity to make money and letting the physician recruitment agencies handle these charges.


  • Fresh Professionals- This category includes physicians who are freshly out of their residencies; locum jobs help them to choose a specialization and gain a valuable experience by working in different clinical settings, along with learning management positions in order to assess their market worth before joining a permanent position.


What are the benefits of working as Locum Tenens?

The benefits of working as locum tenens may include, active employment with recruiters who are constantly striving to keep you in business. Recruitment agencies are efficient in handling the administrative aspects of any locum tenens job.

Physicians who are freshly out of their residencies use these opportunities for exposure, which helps them in deciding on a particular specialization for their future.


Staffing agencies help in closing the gap between physicians and medical facilities providing good locum tenens workforce.

Julian, a fresh Medical School graduate says, “I was going crazy looking for a job after years of hard work at medical school, then somebody suggested a locum tenens recruitment agency and today I have the job of my dreams.”


A reputed and reliable physician recruitment agency helps to find good jobs in permanent as well as locum tenens positions.

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