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About the introduction of the Ecodisc to the Media Movers st

by ElizabethRuda1

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Since the inception of DVD disks in 1993 there have been genuine concerns about their production sustainability. Firstly, the key ingredient used in their manufacture i.e. polycarbonate is a derivative of oil which is a non-renewable resource. Further, their production process has a negative impact on the environment considering that the binding substance used is non-biodegradable and toxic. Research work looking to address these issues has been steadily progressing, and after numerous attempts the Ecodisc has finally been unveiled.

At we are strongly behind this environmentally-friendly technology and have made it part of our DVD works portfolio. The ecodisk unlike a conventional DVD features one polycarbonate layer which makes it lighter and more flexible yet it has the same optical and storage (4.7 GB) capabilities as DVD-5. These disks do not need require the toxic binding medium and their manufacture generates 52% less carbon emissions.

The future clearly belongs to the Ecodisc. We urge our clients to switch to the ecodisk to reduce their carbon footprints, and which will also earn them extra credit in their target markets as environmental-sensitive firms.

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