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Fixing Invalid Dynamic Disk Error in Windows

by anonymous

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A disk that has been initialized for dynamic data storage is referred to as dynamic disk. These disks can contain a number of dynamic volumes and can be used just like primary partitions on a basic disk. A dynamic disk with an invalid status is often an indication of data loss.

Dynamic disks can have any combination of NTFS, FAT32, or FAT16 volumes or partitions, which might get corrupt for several reasons counting unexpected shutdown and virus infection. Thus, to Recover Windows Files and folders after any such incidents, it is always vital to retain a copy of all your important data. Failing to do this properly might create undesired problems.

For better understanding, let's consider a Windows disk that prompts that one of its partitions has 'Invalid Dynamic Disk' status. When you view such a partition or volume in 'Disk Management', it appears similar to: 'Disk disk number, (drive letter), dynamic, invalid'. Furthermore, you cannot access any data from such invalid disks. Right-clicking the volume displays an option to convert the disk to basic disk, but when you click over it, the below or similar error message pops up:

“This operation is not allowed on the invalid disk pack.”

Note: Converting a dynamic disk to basic disk deletes all the data that is present on it. Thus, you should do it only in the presence of a suitable data backup.


Most of these issues are observed after upgrading to operating systems like, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP Home Edition, which do not support dynamic data storage. If this is the case, you can attach the hard disk to a computer running an appropriate version of Windows, which supports dynamic storage such as, Windows XP Professional Edition.

In other cases or if the above solution fails, you need to recreate the volume. To restore consequently deleted data, use you last available backup or a Windows Data Recovery Software. These are specific tools that can Recover Windows Files and folders that are otherwise lost after disk corruption, reformatting, repartitioning, etc.

For effective and safest results, use Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software that has been intensively designed to fulfill all data recovery needs from Windows based computers. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000, this Windows Data Recovery Software natively supports FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 file systems.

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