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Here is what you need to become an EKG Technician

by manhattaninstitue

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The booming medical industry has created huge demand for an EKG technician , with an estimated growth of 16% in the next five years. In most of the healthcare facilities all across the world, the heart care or say cardio department, requires skilled EKG technicians to handle different kinds of apparatus, cardio machines and to perform tests on the patients, as suggested by the physicians.

In addition, their routine job responsibilities include performing electrocardiogram tests, analyzing reports, taking care of machines and assisting physicians in the treatments of patients. The following key points would explain the essentials associated with becoming an EKG professional.


Q: What are the different type of duties a technician has to perform under EKG.

A: The duties of a professionally skilled technician includes setting up the electrocardiogram machine, performing tests on patients, cleaning of the room after the tests and analyzing the results for the specialist or cardiologist. This job also demands an outgoing approach along with the good skills of interacting with people as well as those having advance level of training experience can also be regarded for performing specialized tests such as stress testing and Holter monitor.


Q: What are the basic requirements of skills, education & experience to become an EKG technician?

A: To become a successful EKG professional, the minimum requirement is to be certified and trained from a legitimate training institution. The certificate program may range from few months upto an year. However, an associate degree can better the chances of being employed under a renowned specialist or in a reputed medical facility. 

An associate degree in EKG will cover relative areas extensively such as medical ethics, heart pathology, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology. Being a multi-skilled professional could prove to be a favorable condition for landing on a lucrative employment opportunity; therefore, knowledge of billing, phlebotomy, first aid and CPR would always help.

Q: What are the different places where EKG technicians can work to make a successful career?

A: Professionally certified and well-trained EKG technicians would find excellent job opportunities for a rewarding career in hospitals, emergency services, cardiac clinics and diagnostic centers and outpatient medical attention centers.

Therefore, the work of professional EKG technicians is demanding where diligence, patience and meaningful interaction is required and is rewarded with good working conditions and compensation. To know more about the training programs and future prospects of being an EKG technician , please visit


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