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What is Darjeeling Tea?

by tea

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Darjeeling tea is normally referred to as the tea that is refined, grown, produced and manufactured in the Darjeeling mountainous area of India. Darjeeling Tea is a sole tea "which, when brewed, has a unique, naturally happening aroma and flavor with light liquor and the infused leaf of which has a unique smell". Compared to big leaved Assam Tea, Darjeeling teas are full grown by tiny leaved Chinese plant 'Camellia Sinensis', first brought in India by the British during 1830s on Lord William Bentinck's idea.

Refined in the high areas of Darjeeling, located in West Bengal, it is one of the quality fragrant and blended teas. Most of the Darjeeling tea gardens that grow Darjeeling Teas are situated at an height 6000 feet  the perfect level for getting moist and cold weather, incessant rain, fertile soil, and cool climate for unhindered growth and creation of flavor cherished by us. Darjeeling Tea is regularly referred to as the 'Champagne' of Teas indicating its uniqueness and the first crops of the season are sought after with the same excitement as wine lovers hungering for the first Beaujolais. As a result, it has won the gratitude of judicious tea connoisseurs worldwide for more than a century.

One cannot choose the 'best Darjeeling tea' as all the tea types is equally superb. Darjeeling tea yield happens during the flush seasons, giving rise to 4 varieties (black tea, white tea, green tea, and oolong tea), and they are sold by shade in terms of range and quality.



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