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Houseboat Cruise is the Most Charming Way to Explore

by yameengvt

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Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in the country which is located on the Southern tip of India. This beautiful state is wedged between the gorgeous Arabian Sea and the enormous Western Ghats. This beautiful state is dotted with natural beautiful attractions which easily entice the visitors from all over the globe for the delightful vacation. This beautiful state truly has picturesque locations which lure all the sorts of visitors for their fun filed and easygoing vacation. This beautiful state is breathtakingly beautiful which truly attracts visitors throughout the year. The stunning beaches, shimmering backwaters, houseboats cruise, lush green hill stations, outstanding cities, scenic villages and outstanding landscapes easily entice the visitors and tempt them to visit this beautiful state again and again.


The picturesque backwaters and the houseboats are the two most exciting attractions in this state which all the sort of visitors likes to visit and explore. The honeymooners, vacationers, leisure vacationers and the visitors in intense number explore this sheer wonders in the state. The backwaters and the houseboat are directly interconnected with each other. The backwaters and the houseboat are the unique and sole attractions that are found in this state. The charming houseboat swiftly cruises over the pristine backwaters and truly the houseboat are generally called as the mobile home for the visitors.


The Houseboats In Kerala are lovingly called as Kettuvalam, Kettu meaning tied with ropes and Vallam means boats. Earlier thee houseboats were used to carry the agricultural harvest such as rice and spices from the fertile rice growing paddy fields. The houseboat was also used to carry other commodities and it used to transport from one place to another. Kerala houseboats were the means of safest transport mode during the absence of good roads. The houseboat thatched roof covers over the wooden hulls protected the cargo from sudden rain of Kerala.


Kerala houseboat is made up of joined wooden planks which are tied by the ropes.  The houseboat is generally 60 to 70 feet long and 18 to 21 meters height. Not a single nail is used while making the houseboats and the framework of the houseboat is coated with caustic black resin extracted from boiled cashew kernels which truly last for generations. Kerala houseboat can be found of different categories and can be booked according to your own choices. The houseboat has luxurious bedroom with all the entertainment facilities, attached toilets, Kitchen with a chef cooking food and who also act as a guide on your houseboat tour. The houseboat consists of an observation deck which is lovingly called as Sundeck, it is situated at an elevation and the place is used for enjoying the sunrise and sunset.


As the Kerala Houseboat glides over the backwater leisurely it is sure to balm your aching head and offer you the peace of mind. As it passes dilly dally, the sights are new, sounds are new and every sensation is new and these easily impress all the visitors heart from all over the globe. Truly the houseboat cruise in Kerala on is the most enthralling holiday experience which will all be cherished in your heart forever.


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