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How To Get a Better Giclee Canvas Print

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Owing to the widespread popularity of giclee prints, a large number of printers everywhere have started offering giclee-printing services everywhere. In other words, what you get from one printer can be so different from what you get from another. The differences in giclee prints made by different printers can be attributed to a few variables of the process, such as the quality of equipment used, the personal expertise of the printer and the quality of the original image.

It is often said that at the heart of a high quality giclee canvas print lies a good quality image. For most giclee prints of an acceptable quality, the starting point is a high-resolution image. However, the image needs to exist in a specific format viz. digital. In this era of digital photography where almost every household is in possession of a megapixel digital camera, producing a hi-res image is not such a difficult proposition. However, if you are dealing with an old image from the pre-digital days, you need to get it transferred to the digital format first.

Herein lies the key to getting a high quality giclee canvas print. The analog-to-digital format transfer is a very critical part of the entire giclee printing process. In most cases, printers will take resort to a number of ways to accomplish this. One of the easiest is to re-photograph the image using a high-end digital camera. Some of the better-equipped printers out there will use sophisticated flatbed scanners to produce a better quality digital copy of the image.

Most printers specializing in giclee printing will also provide you with image retouching services to ensure that all visible flaws and glitches in the original are covered up before you make the final print. They will also provide you with color correction and digital enhancement of the image, such as adjusting its brightness, color saturation, etc. After this, printers made especially for the job with large-scale printing capabilities and special inks are used to make the final print. Two of the most popular brands in this regard are Canon and Epson. However, some printers also use other lesser-known brands that produce good quality prints nonetheless.


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