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Points to work on, when creating a software project proposal

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Software project proposal creation is a very complex process, in which any additional support is helpful. Today we would like to share with you some points that play an important role in software project proposal creation and that you should pay particular attention to:

(1) Structure

When creating a proposal, the first thing you should turn your attention to is its structure. It is important to understand that all proposal projects follow a particular structure:

1. General Information

This section lists the objective of the project, project details, requirements, possible risks, and other general information about the project. This is the first step in showing your client that you are a professional and suitable for the job in question, because you understand the project in its entirety.

2. Technical Information

This section includes project details, system architecture, a breakdown of the work scope, and delivery schedules. The technical section is the most important of all, and without it the document would not be called a software project proposal. It allows you to prove that you are a highly qualified IT specialist, who is competent and knowledgeable enough for the project.

3. Financial Information

This part of your proposal includes budget details, payment methods, warranty terms, and maintenance terms. Strive to present an accurate and transparent budget to convince the client, that your software solution is not only professional, but also cost-effective and beneficial for your client’s business.

4. Additional Information

Finally, add your contact details, references, and portfolio relevant to the project. Aim to select similar projects, in order to show, that you have enough experience working on software projects in that particular field.


(2) Layout

The whole proposal should look clear and appealing.

1. Format all tables properly

Make sure that all tables are formatted in the same manner and that they are centered.

2. Add highlights

Make sure that your highlights are different from the main text, as this will make your proposal look more appealing.

3. Include your logo or corporate design

Personalize your proposal look by adding your corporate details, such as logo, headers, footers, or any other information you deem necessary.


(3) Submission

Save your proposal document either in PDF or in Word format, and e-mail it to your client along with a proper cover letter.

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