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A proverb deep tissue lock

by cunshang85

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And you get to know each other love each other, I don't know oneself ask how much the world in front of the Buddha. Finally, the flow in my heart, let I finally met you at the moment. Perhaps, all this is the arrangement of the Buddha. Otherwise,okbagsoutlet how can let all collision of two hearts? To the world and to not easy, I would like to turn into flowers under the window, in the stupid waiting, will be thinking of grounding forest. In the forest, stroke the ancient sound in one thousand. And I'm filled with emotions and thoughts, and the sun, the wind to send, and you together through a and a beautiful season.

Looking back to see Mian, we still love romance. Dream in the garden of Eden, quietly flew over the fence of the mind, in the twilight. In the heart, Yu Aihai roam, intoxicated. Old clock around the world go around, quietly time fingers and treasure time don't give up that moved. How many times in the dream, love fell between aquatic habitats, roll up the dew, CanRanYiXiao...

Long life journey, looming between the attire drip heroine took how much their journeys. Find you, how much samsara? Read you, how much the sun? At purple devoted to image in the world of mortals, will never fade. Drunk, in the first quarter of the month and lower chord deficiency; I, in imperceptible in lost yourself.

Everything, everything is still clear like yesterday. I am the strains from ancient birch forest, survive in this is only the unfulfilled love forever. A wave of idle sorrow, in a cutting element clothing pavilion, streamed lovesickness and fell in love. Mottled years were drunk before jun itself o, cooked; Every previous generation this life love, drunk in jun every soft call.


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