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A follow focus mechanism is an important accessory in professional filmmaking and television production shoots. It enhances the basic functionality of your DSLR camera, enabling more precise and efficient focus operations. The system works with a set of gears attached to the teeth on the focus ring of your camera's lens. The PROAIM follow focus is a shoulder mount mechanism that will make you look and feel confident with professional shooting.

Some of the cameras used with this focusing kit is the Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon D90, Rebel T21, Lumix gh1/gh2 and many other DSLRs. You can mount the entire system on a tripod, from your shoulder without disturbing the camera. The top and side sunshades help with efficient outdoor stills and videos.

The speed crank and 15" whip are ergonomically designed to get those perfect pictures or videos. The entire package is assembled in a light weight foam carry case, which makes it convenient and portable for your requirements. A key advantage is the shoulder mount system comes with an adjustable chest support. The camera is set on a shoulder mount rail that can be adjusted closer or farther from your eye. The DSLR follow focus kit includes a shoulder mount rig with 15mm rails and chest support. The camera body mount rig comes with top and side flags, along with the whip and speed crank.

The PROAIM shoulder mount rig lets you work independently without any jerk issues. While minimising fatigue, the excellent results that the DSLR follow focus provides are absolutely worth it. You can configure the shoulder mount rig easily without the need of any additional tools.The quick release plates are designed to fit most DSLR cameras without letting it rotate or move on the plate, thus increasing stability and precision.

The PROAIM DSLR Follow Focus was designed to work with DV/HDV cameras that gives you complete flexibility and precision. The camera body mount rig lets you adjust the focus on different subjects seamlessly during movement. The adjustable locking mechanism with 15mm stainless steel rods works with most modern cameras. The follow focus rails help with those demanding shots that the director is looking for. The main advantage of the PROAIM DSLR follow focus is the affordability and convenience.

The additional features include a gear driven design for slip-free movement enabling accuracy. The adjustable slide mounting and locking systems works in tandem with the follow focus rails. The positional indicator and quick release button helps with mounting or dismounting from a tripod to the shoulder easily, without disturbance. The kit allows long range focus lenses to be geared and used with the follow focus industry standard 0.8 module. Another important part is the detachable PROAIM Mattebox that is designed for most DV/HDV cameras to control light better even for wide angle lenses.

A soft foam cushioned donut ring contacts the lens barrel that helps with minimising shakes and disturbances. The central bracket with a quick-lock system is used for attaching the rods to the matte box.

Buy the PROAIM Follow Focus DSLR Kit-3 online, and get international shipping. Get warranty for 3 months, and exchange/replacement for the first 7 days. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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