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Chiropractic New York City

by drrollandn

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Healing treatments a physical therapist in NYC or chiropractor may use as therapy for a rotator cuff tear

If you have a rotator cuff tear, you may be asking if surgery is the only choice for recovery. Many people don’t know that there are other options for rotator cuff tears that aren’t so invasive. However, surgery may be a last option when other rotator cuff therapies fail. Chiropractic treatment in New York may provide relief if a rotator cuff tear is minute. However, it’s important to know that there are several options available if you have a rotator cuff tear. 

This is why asking a chiropractor that provides quality chiropractic care in New York or a physical therapist in NYC may be of help. Is a rotator cuff tear recent or has it persisted and is causing increased pain? This may be one of the factors any chiropractor who offers chiropractic treatment in New York or a physical therapist in NYC considers before recommending treatment options.

Will heat, cold packs or electrical stimulation be a good therapy for rotator cuff tear injuries? 

Will a chiropractor use heat or cold therapy when providing chiropractic treatment and care in New York? While this may not be a long-term solution for resolving pain from a rotator cuff tear, it may provide shorter benefits when used with other therapy exercises for a rotator cuff tear. Some chiropractic practices based in New York, may offer electrical stimulation as an option.  Should you consult a physical therapist in NYC for more treatment options? A physical therapist in NYC may be able to suggest different treatment options before recommending surgery. If all other treatment for a rotator cuff tear fails, surgery may be necessary. However, surgery may not be needed if other treatment options are successful in treating pain. For instance, a physical therapist in NYC may recommend resting a shoulder in order to help a tear recover. 

Surgery may be the only option if all other treatments cease to work, but usually, surgery is not recommended until a patient has tried other chiropractic treatments and has not respond well to resting, cold or hot treatments and other traditional therapies in New York. They may have tried electrical stimulation without feeling an effect for their rotator cuff tear.

Before scheduling surgery, patients should ask a physical therapist in NYC what their treatment options are post-surgery and if physical therapy will be needed after surgery to ease stiff shoulder muscles and to repair range of motion (which may be affected after undergoing surgery and needing therapy for a rotator cuff tear).

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