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Prepare Your Car for Winter

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Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winter is one of the most dangerous times for drivers. With conditions that make the morning and evening commute somewhat frightening, it’s no wonder people are grateful for a snow day when they have a perfect excuse not to drive in (and that still doesn’t stand as an appropriate excuse for some companies!). It’s just turned September and we’re already seeing a huge change in the weather. What once was beautiful sunshine and glorious warm afternoons are now blistering cold winds and torrential rain…perfect for keeping your spirits high after your summer holiday…NOT!

Driving in this weather is not only depressing but also quite dangerous, so it’s extremely important to make sure that your mot leeds is completely ready for the upcoming winter season…

Check your vehicle regularly

This applies throughout the entire year but is critically important in the colder months. You should aim to check important features of the car servicing leeds every week or fortnight at the least. Important features include: checking the oil, ensuring you have enough water, topping up your windscreen wash and double checking the quality/condition of your windscreen wipers (front and back). Checking tyre pressure regularly is also very important.

Have your MOT up to date

Your car repair leeds will need to have an MOT Leeds check every 12 months. This is to ensure that your car is in good working order for the main safety features such as tyres, seatbelts, lights, brakes, steering, engine and windows. If you do not have a valid MOT Leeds certificate, you are not legally entitled to drive your vehicle on public roads (unless taking your car to an MOT test).

Keep important items in the car

You may have your car checked and think it is completely safe, but you can never exactly predict when your vehicle will go wrong. If you break down in the winter months and it has been raining heavily or snowing, you will need plenty of items to keep you safe. Always make sure you have:

1) A flashlight (with spare batteries or wind up mechanism)

2) 2 warm blankets for if you break down in the cold

3) A shovel if you get stuck in the mud or snow

4) Wellington boots to help you wade through tough weather

5) An umbrella (for obvious reasons)

6) A can of de-icer

7) Pairs of gloves are useful for if you need to stand outside in the cold.

These items are vital to you should you break down, become stranded because of bad weather or get stuck in traffic on the motorway during winter.

It is also worth keeping a snack box full of cereal bars/dried fruits/nuts/water bottles/crisps etc. if you’re going on a long journey and spending a lot of time on the motorway. You don’t want to break down in the middle of nowhere with no food or drinks, when it’s too cold to walk to the next service station.

Hopefully you’ll never have to use these things, but if you ever do you’ll be safe, warm and comfortable should there be a problem with your car during winter.

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