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Things to Consider when Thinking of Opening a Frozen Yogurt

by josephcarr

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While yogurt is largely replacing ice cream as the frozen dessert of choice for many Americans, the frozen yogurt industry is still quite small. The United States Census Bureau said that, as of October 2012, there are only about 820 frozen yogurt shops in the country. This could to better chances of successfully opening a frozen yogurt shop in the US, but even a potentially-lucrative business can fall apart if the following factors aren't considered:

Customer Demographics

One big reason why frozen yogurt is so popular nowadays is that it is a healthier alternative to ice cream. This means that any prospective shop owner should see if their location has a high population of health advocates, fitness buffs, and diet-conscious people. While this is not necessarily a requirement to open a yogurt shop, researching about customer demographics can net important information that will help sales and marketing strategies in the future.

Local Climate

A large number of successful frozen yogurt shops in the country today started out in cities with warm, summer-friendly climates like Los Angeles. While the local climate is a big consideration, this shouldn't be a limitation for aspiring shop owners. Some areas in the US, particularly up in the north, have yet to try out frozen yogurt to begin with− an opportunity waiting to be seized by savvy businesspeople.


Yogurt is vastly different from ice cream in terms of how to create it, which can influence one's access to yogurt-making supplies and equipment. One of the biggest distinctions of yogurt (and frozen yogurt, too) is that it is made with live cultures of beneficial bacteria (known as probiotics). This distinction must be remembered when shopping for dairy products.


As with anything related to buying a new franchise opportunity, operational costs should always be considered. Paying for manpower, supplies, and equipment will become even more difficult if things like rent, permits, and licenses that are needed for day-to-day operations aren't factored in. With this in mind, shop owners should also consider opting for loans and other financial assistance programs to help them get by for a while.

There's a lot of potential in the frozen yogurt business, but there are a lot of things to consider for it to become successful. Visit: to learn more.

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