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How Construction Time Lapse Helps in Saving Money

by leehamilton

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Construction time lapse is a procedure whereby a series of photographs are taken at regular intervals of a construction project so that they can be edited together to represent the progress of the work in the lapse of time. The photographs are taken by high definition cameras that can be connected to an intervalometer that instructs the camera to take the image at a prescribed time.

How it saves money depends on how the user takes these construction time lapse photographs. Since the stills are taken by high performance digital cameras, they can be used to monitor every single detail that appears on them. One can easily zoom in the images to the maximum capacity so that they can study the images in detail. They can be used to create plans and tasks that can be carried out in a specified amount of time. The photographs also provide the users with the necessary information that the supply of sufficient resources were made available at the required time or not.

The construction photographer sets a few numbers of cameras depending on the size of the area so that they can cover all the parts. The images taken by the camera can be later edited to show the progress of the work within the time for which the images were taken. The images can be studied by engineers and designers to configure various details and ensure that the quality of work is maintained. It also gives them a clear insight to what is happening in the construction site during the working hours.

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