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Offshore Company Formation

by johnfloyed

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Overseas business formation is becoming more and more of a smart option for the smart entrepreneur. To create an offshore company or transferring your business abroad is a vital step toward internationalizing you and your assets. There is however an existing false impression that offshore business operation is all concerning dodging taxes and concealing money from the government. Nothing could be farther from the truth. For the morally upright and law abiding, there are totally legitimate ways to set-up your business interests abroad and to realize significant paybacks from an asset fortification as well as tax-standpoint.

Tax Rewards with Overseas Business

You do not have to found a company offshore to save on taxes. Merely moving out of the US is a great initial move. Consider this: A United States expatriate’s first $91,500 in offshore income is tax exempt. Simply put, if you reside outside of the US you don’t have to pay any taxes at all on the initial $91,500 of foreign generated income. Imagine how this alone can benefit an individual’s take home net pay. A caveat to all is you still have to file your tax report.
Still, the actual tax benefit from running a company abroad as a US citizen comes from tax deferment, meaning you put off the payment of taxes into the future. If you have a business abroad and reinvest profits to the company, you can postpone taxes indefinitely. Consult a Tax Lawyer regarding the details of this offshore perk.

A Truly Global Business is an Offshore Internet Company

When you structure your business overseas, it is an especially brilliant idea to set-up one that is online-based. If you incorporate your overseas business correctly, it will give a lawful way to postpone tax payments similar to an IRA, and will allow much reduced legal responsibility. An online business has no boundaries as to how, where and when it can do business. In this modern, digital and internet driven age, business should not be limited by a control that is based on the archaic, geographically limited model. What good is the internet if it cannot be allowed to enable a better entrepreneurial spirit? We are already seeing the emergence of a much more efficient global workforce that provides skills and services to employers that could be geographically on the other side of the planet. We are also witnessing a much better match between wages and cost of living, as offshore hires spend foreign currencies earned in an economy that allows more expendable income. This could not have happened without the internet.

For one, income streams from another country are more resilient when inflation runs rampant in one’s country of origin. Owning an income stream overseas in a more stable currency can be a business lifeline. What good would it do if entrepreneurs were denied this kind of safety net, which is actually inherently guaranteed under an offshore business situation?
Think about it: an internet company overseas combined with an offshore bank account is the ideal set-up for a business in this day and age.

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