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Cotton candy machine

by ePopcorn

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Decisions for concession owners: sell cotton candy, movie popcorn or use air popcorn popper

If you are a concession owner, you know that popcorn from a pop corn machine and cotton candy sell. But, is your pop corn machine or cotton candy machine large enough to handle the influx of customers you receive in-season? Do you have adequate alternatives for those who have dietary needs and request air-popped popcorn from an air popcorn popper? What special considerations should you look at when deciding which pop corn machine or cotton candy machine to install? 

Generally, the number of customers will be a larger deciding factor on which pop corn machine you buy. Consider the small details too. Does your machine have a 15 amps or 30-amp plug?  This is important. Plugging in too high of voltage machine into lower circuitry may cause electrical outages or blown fuses and loss of power for your pop corn machine or cotton candy machine. Is your pop corn machine designed for use with portion packs (pre-measured amounts of oil, popcorn, and butter arrive in separate packaging)? This makes easy to consistently prepare the same great tasting popcorn each time. Want to pop kettle corn, but don’t want to buy an additional machine? Buying specially designed portion packs filled with kettle corn is one way you can demonstrate versatility with your heavy industrial popcorn popper. 

Feed you customer’s sweet tooth with an industrial cotton candy machine 

Who doesn’t love this sweet confection made of spun sugar and air? While you can buy cotton candy already made, customers may appreciate you taking the fresh candy approach. Cotton candy made from a cotton candy machine also allows this spun sugar treat to stay fresh, without scrunching down its light airiness to fit in a plastic container.

Offer customers a variety of flavors without having to buy another cotton candy machine. If you’re worried about offering too fattening of treats, you can always use an air popcorn popper. Using hot air, an air popcorn popper allows you to cut down on the amount of calories used. An air popcorn popper doesn’t use oil, so it’s better for your health. This is why some may prefer eating corn from an air popcorn popper. Some people may not mind a taste spun sugar or popped kernels covered with butter from a pop corn machine.

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