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Professional Web Design And Its Two Main Components

by webdesign

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The key reason why customers who currently own a small business approach us to build up a website is because they want a professional image and can also do a good job in embodying their business. Of course this is a generalization nevertheless we have built hundreds of sites over the years and this is often the main thing people search for.

But there is one more very significant factor to consider with design as well and that is how well the website succeeds in driving customers and design has a great part to play in this.

Make it attractive

Here is a list of the important things that should be concentrated on in order to make a website attractive:-

1. A professional logo -It has to be contemporary, neat and have a sense of professionalism while not being too flashy.
2. Professional images should be used.
3. It is essential that a good website designer who does professional work has to be employed (The total procedure with which the web designers make things look great will not be dealt in this post).

So when our clients come to us, the initial thing we do is assess their logo. If it sucks, then tell them to get a new one. We also start choosing few good images.

Majority of the times, it is not realistic to revise each and every single image of the products in the website, thus it is extremely significant to build in a great first impression, It is significant that we at least use professional images on the website's home page and then look towards what best can be done with regard to product images (and emphasize on the importance of replacing them with professional images). Once we have an incredible logo and enough nice professional images it's practical that we can create a nice looking website.

Making it work

A great looking website is good but of equal importance is the capacity of the website to change traffic into customers (either straight away or at some point of time down the track). For this we utilize a simple model of Consume, Connect, Convert.
Consume - We prefer to create a website that users are encouraged to 'consume' the content. We want amazing content and we have to make it simple for them to access the content and share the content.

Connect - For individuals who like what they see, we want to provide the ability for them to connect with us in some way. Register for a newsletter, or subscribe to our feed, or follow us on Twitter. This way we have an opportunity to build trust and be there when they are ready to buy.

Convert - For clients who are trying to buy right away we have to design a web-site that makes this simple. Large call to action buttons and easy payment processing like PayPal buttons are a good way to do this.

So in conclusion, while owning a website that appears amazing and successfully represents the business is vital, it's also critically important that the website succeeds in bringing in clients.

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