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Security Guard San Jose-All details about Security Guard

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A security guard with a proven previous record of performing and monitoring vigilante activities under stressful conditions is always beneficial for a company in any means.

This would provide safety for the employees, their well being and create a better work environment. With the overgrowing security challenges instilled in the state our gun issues security is a must and guards are empowerments who always looks for potential troubles and ways to surpass them by their ability of confrontation and resolving be it with technical surveillance or physical strength with of course to be mentioned their flexibility in working across shifts.

Security guard San Jose specifically in the bay area would be a tough task recruiting and being employed provided the ingenious mix of ethnicity and high profile Silicon Valley job opportunity. This would entail the corporate or personal recruiting the guard an opportunity for more secure workplace. Being a challenging position by itself with no gun control in the country, a favorable work experience in law and security enforcement position would be highly desirable both for the guard (employee) and the employer.

Desirable requirements for a security guard in San Jose: With the recent amber alerts over child abduction and stricter gun reforms a wide range of criteria would be preferable revisited for selection of a security guard in this area now, few of them which includes exceptional attention in detail, communication skills, driver’s license with a clean record (no tickets and preferably no warnings), preferably trained in discoursing and providing medical aids and CPR certified.
Expectations of a security guard in San jose: Should be well equipped and trained to perform patrol duties in and around the assigned area to safe guard the premises against fire, unprecedented natural threats, petty crimes (or bigger) including shoplifting and also adhering to handling medical emergencies such as people in need of medical first aid or drive in to a nearby hospital in the county, checking ID cards for admitting employee’s inside the building(in case of corporate office), vigilant across the premises and report/ take action against suspicious activity around the premises, direct traffic to and from office area which includes guiding cars into the designated parking spots and performing security activity to negate any threats that might arise alongside detailed knowledge of security equipments for instance installing security camera/alarms and their first hand repair(Inclusive of decision making on purchase of security equipments).

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