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Come Clean: The Importance of Drug Testing in Kansas City

by tashaboone

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In a 2012 report released by Missouri's Department of Public Safety, marijuana is considered to be one of the most abused illegal drug in the state. About 17 percent of the known users, male and female, are aged 16 and below—a significantly higher number when compared to minors using cocaine (0.7 percent) and meth (1.1 percent). Since the young have easy access to illegal drugs, parents, schools, and other institutions feel the need to conduct drug tests.

Some occupations where safety and health are a major issue—like aviation, military, and transportation—already require mandatory testing in accordance to federal (not state) law. Even though Missouri technically doesn't require you to do so, here are a few reasons to undergo drug testing in Kansas City and elsewhere in the state:


This deals with everybody's well-being and not just yours. Aside from drunk driving, drug abuse is also one of the country's leading causes of traffic accidents and violent crimes. Passing a drug test is a good way for you to prove to your employer that you are not a disaster waiting to happen.


Drug testing is not only a way to see if a person actually uses illegal drugs, but is also a means to find out if a patient is suffering from prescription medicine overdose. A 2010 study in Kentucky suggested that drug testing must be part of pain rehabilitation since even the slightest pain medication overdoses can lead to further health complications. Urine tests are cited to be the most effective way of determining whether or not a person is misusing their prescription drugs.


However you think about your reputation, the people around you certainly care about theirs. Whether you like it or not, companies or institutions that you work for don't want their image to be tarnished by one errant case of substance abuse. Besides, if you know that you're clean, you can proudly say that you are drug-free with the help of a drug test.

There's no denying that drug abuse is a serious issue in Missouri, which warrants the importance of Kansas City drug testing centers. Despite this, a drug test can help you prove to the government that you are not actively contributing to the problem. To learn more about the importance of drug testing, visit:

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