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Reverse Logic Limited: Your everyday car maintenance company

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If you are one of the millions who prefer to maintain their luxury cars all by yourself, Reverse Logic Limited offers the appropriate tools. Reverse Logic Limited is an authorized and premium supplier of specialty tools for luxurious cars like Mercedes, BMW, Nissan GT-R and Mini Cooper and so on.

The exceptional Jack stands

Do you want to lift your car for some repair work? Use our jack stands and execute all kinds of car maintenance and repair work with ease and comfort. It is always advisable to use jack stands in pairs or else it might trigger an accident or an unwanted situation which could have been avoided.

Our BMW jack stands along with Mercedes, Nissan, Mini Cooper stands are all available at an exceptionally affordable price rate. We offer Torin T43004 aluminum jack stands with the pair capacity of 6000 pounds. You can completely rely on our jack stands and securely execute your DIY without any worries.

The wonder race ramps

Cars like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan GT-R, Mini Cooper etc have very low ground clearance. Race ramps are indeed beneficial for such low ground clearance cars.

We offer two customized race ramps for our cars.

  • progressive incline ramps
  • two stage incline ramps

Furthermore, Reverse Logic Limited also offers heavy duty industrial race ramps for larger cars and vehicles. Our race ramps are light in weight but are very strong and a safe option to metal and wooden ramps. You can easily use the ramps and store and also move with it.

Our classic Mercedes jack pad

The Mercedes jack pad offered by Reverse Logic Limited hangs from the jack points of the Mercedes car that enables you to easily airlift the car and maneuver it accordingly. The best part about our jack pads are that it not only suits Mercedes vehicles but fits BMW, Mini Cooper, Nissan cars etc. Use our highest quality jack pad tools and execute the DIY maintenance of your car all by yourself with ease and comfort.

Why should you get in touch with us?

We have created a niche in the market because of our exceptional customer service and top notch quality products. We can get in touch with us via phone call or through e-mails. In case of any queries and questions you are always welcome. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Get in touch with us and experience our exceptional services.

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