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LD Isoenzymesand Electrophoresis Blood Testing

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LD Isoenzymesare a slight molecular differentiation of LD (Lactate dehydrogenase).  Lactate dehydrogenase is an enzyme found in virtual in all cells of the body. It exists in small amount in the blood because the cells on releases it when they are destroyed or damaged. Itis easy to handle ten samples for electrophoresis blood testingwith the visible LD isoenzyme assays Couple with controlled temperature separation of the system.

Hence, the QuickGel system has become the perfect tool for electrophoresis procedures. It can handle up to 20 sample-testing run with a single application of the gel. This test is a procedure that is used to document any injuries to the body cells.

The diagnoses of certain complicated health issues are done through the LD isoenzymes tests. They can be detected in their early stages and give the proper medical address in good time. Issues like muscle injury, stroke, heart attacks, liver diseases, kidney problems, pancreatitis, hypotension, muscular dystrophy, intestinal ischemia are health problems that the procedure will unearth.

QuickGel LD Isoenzymes Use


There is uniqueness to LD isoenzymes it being their concentration points within the body organs and cells. Research shows that these isoenzymes have a concentration in specific body tissues like the heart, lungs, liver, lymph nodes, red and white blood cells, and skeletal muscle. All these tissues have specific LD Isoenzymes that are their unique markers when the electrophoresis procedure is done. Each test will measure the total serum LD and the relative percentage of existing isoenzymes.

The LD isoenzyme analysis done using the QuickGel system is proven for authenticating myocardial damage. The electrophoresis procedure will have the LD isoenzymes separated into traditional five fractions. These are the unique markers that are specific to specific body tissue. The marker or fractionsare used to diagnose hepatic congestion and pulmonary infarctions. The isoenzymes can later on be used as a marker of myocardial injury tests.

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