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Top 4 activities on safaris in Uganda

by maranathatoursug

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Going on a Ugandan Gorilla safari in Africa would be a best option for you if you want to see magnificent gorillas. The thrill of Gorilla tracking in the wild has no comparison in any way in seeing them in a zoo. The Bwindi impenetrable National park is the most popular place to go on a Gorilla safari. Many tourists and visitors like to experience a gorilla safari once in their lifetime they visit African countries.   There are many awesome activities to do on safaris in Uganda.

Game Safaris:-

There are many parks in Uganda famous for the game safaris. Some of them include Murchison National park, Kidepo Valley National parks and Queen Elizabeth National park. These are the best places to see the lions, buffalos, the elephants and Leopard. If you want to see rhinos in Uganda then, you will have to visit the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary. You can also watch Zebras, Hippos, Uganda Kobs and many other herbivores and carnivores.   

Mountain climbing:-

There are two mountains in Uganda. One is Mount Elgon at the Kenya Uganda border and the other one is Mount Ruwenzori. Mt. Rwenzori is the 4th highest in Africa but it is one of the toughest mountains to climb.  However, climbing to the Mount Elgon is much easier in comparison of Mt. Rwenzori as this is a volcanic mountain. It is difficult to climb Mt. Rwenzori with so many up and downs. It needs seven to twelve days to climb to the top of this mountain.

Cultural tours:-

You can see several ethnic groups in Uganda. The Bantus and the Nilotes are two of them. Each of the group has its own culture and tradition. You have an option to experience this at the Ndere centre or you can go to the place where the ethnic groups stay. All their daily activities are quite attractive. If you are interested to know more about ethnic groups, you can visit some cultural places like the Kabaka kingdom and the Batoro kingdom.

Launch trips:-

You can enjoy the famous launch trips here in Uganda. These kinds of trips offer an opportunity to see many buffalos, hippos and some elephants at close range. The lunch trips include the journey up the Victoria Nile River to the base of Murchison falls, the cruise along the Kazinga channel and the cruise along Lake Mburo. You will get a chance see the predators in the Murchison falls trip.   

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