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Global Markets and Technologies for Thin-Film Batteries

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141 views announces a new report on "Global Markets and Technologies for Thin-Film Batteries"  which gives an overview of the global market for thin film batteries, which are fabricated using thin film technologies such as sputtering, pulsed laser deposition, CVD, and sol-gel deposition


Driven by the electronics industry, miniaturization trends have expanded into other fields including the energy sector. For example, batteries are also becoming smaller and lighter. In recent years, very thin and ultrathin batteries that are just a few millimeters thick have gained interest for application in products such as smart cards, radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags, medical devices, and sensors, among others.

Manufacturing of thin-film batteries (TFBs) is being facilitated by the development of new fabrication processes that are low cost and suitable for mass production. With this study, BCC will provide an updated review of the most important advances in TFB technology and production methods, and offer a detailed overview of the current market, including an objective analysis of prospects for future growth.

Specifically, the major objectives of this study are to:

Provide an updated review of TFBs, focusing on materials, construction, and fabrication technologies.
Highlight new technological developments during the past 3 years, while outlining current technical issues.
Review existing fields of application for TFBs and examine emerging applications.
Estimate current global markets for TFBs by type, application, and region, with growth forecasts through 2018 for each market segment.
Identify important technology and industry trends within each market segment.
Supply an updated review of current industry players, including manufacturers of TFBs, materials, and fabrication equipment, and technology developers.
Provide a description of the most relevant research and development activities.
Determine trends in recently issued U.S. patents.


Thin-film batteries are defined as batteries that have one or more layers thinner than 5 microns and deposited with various technologies that involve vacuum, non-vacuum, or printing processes.

While the global battery market is currently quite large, estimated to reach $55 billion in 2013 with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% over the next 5 years, the TFB market by comparison is a small fraction of this market (less than 0.2%); however, it represents the fastest growing segment with double-digit growth forecast through 2018.

The increased market penetration of TFBs is being facilitated by the growing demand for small-footprint TFB devices with increased storage capacity and also by the adoption of mass-production thin-film fabrication methods that allow for higher throughput and lower unit prices.

The principal objective of this report is to present a current assessment of the TFB industry from both a technological and market point of view and to outline future trends and key developments.

There is also a need to evaluate the current status and future trends of this market from a global standpoint. As the use of these products expands and new fields of application emerge, information on the suppliers and developers of TFB devices and their regional distribution becomes more valuable.

An equally important reason for undertaking this report is to provide technical insights into the manufacturing of TFBs by:

Providing a review of materials, applications, and production methods.
Identifying current technical trends.
Providing an overview of the main global R&D activities related to TFBs, resulting in the issuance of patents.
Illustrating the latest technological developments.

This information can assist companies in identifying opportunities for process and productivity improvements and new product development, resulting in a positive impact on future market growth.


This study will be of primary interest to all organizations that:

Manufacture, sell, and distribute TFBs, and other thin-film and flexible devices.
Supply raw materials for the production of TFBs.
Manufacture process equipment utilized by producers of TFBs.
Fabricate products that utilize TFBs (such as smart cards, portable electronic devices, medical devices, electronic price tags and labels, and wearable electronic products).
Provide technical and/or marketing services in conjunction with the above-mentioned devices.
Are planning to enter the TFB industry as a supplier, manufacturer, or end user.

Overall, this report applies to industry segments such as electronics, energy, automotive, sensors and instrumentation, and medical electronics.

The report is directed mainly toward executives, directors, operations managers, sales and marketing managers, and strategic planners working within the above industries. Universities and research facilities may also find this report to be a good source of technical information regarding TFB technology and applications, which can be used as a baseline for new or expanded R&D activities. Librarians of technical information and research centers can also use this report to provide critical data to product managers, market analysts, researchers, and other professionals needing detailed and updated insights into the TFB industry.

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