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Stay Fit And Cycle The Tissington Trail In The Heart Of Brit

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A little over a year ago, when the session the day before the heavy New Year's, our group decided that it was time to get in shape and lose some weight (just like last year and the year before I hear the lament), but this time really did something about it. Men willing to meet every Saturday morning for a couple of hours. Women agreed to meet in the evening and walk a couple of hours backgrounds paths.

And with a few exceptions, we are all caught up, that most of us, and most of the time anyway. We are blessed with a number of walks in a relatively easy and a lot of good roads around here as an incentive to drive or walk through the beautiful landscape around us helped to keep the experience a pleasant one (well, almost pleasant) and went out of the weather.

The first out of the adult males appeared to challenge (may be up to four miles or so). Do you remember when we started it was still winter and quite cold. After a few months, but over long distances is applied and finally the distance of 15 km in the morning was pretty normal. Even began to take routes that are not so easy (steep hills!)

In January this year, to commemorate the one-year success of exercise, both groups plan a trip to Derbyshire Dales Cycle (men and women) along the Tissington Trail. This is the old path begins at Ashbourne and rises gradually Dowlow, about 17 miles away and quite high in Derbyshire Dales. At first, the girls were going to walk and cycle to men, but it seemed silly to do this separately, so we agreed to ride.

Not hard to walk. The slope is almost un-noticeable most of the time and not always thought to be downhill all the way back. Fortunately, the seven existing stations are still there, and the four of them: Mapleton Lane, Tissington, Hartinton and parsley (what a wonderful name of the station), open places where refreshments and food can be purchased. These were well received in places of detention, where we had the opportunity to put together, take a breather and have a cup of tea and a chat.

The old track has risen and is ideal for walking and cycling and longer runs the ridge of the hills with spectacular views of the Derbyshire Dales on each side. All of the fields and the road is lined with dry stone walls and farm buildings are built the same weathered gray stone covered with lichens and mosses.

Towards the top, when you get close to Hay parsley, the path passes through a sudden and under a high arch bridge, and our journey through this stretch, the wind came directly to us, but after the head tilted downward, until she got to a point where the path to the Tissington and High Peak Trail are just before Parsley Hay.

By the time we arrived, we were ready for lunch and the place does not serve food steak medium and Stilton cheese cake with a cup of coffee and sticky cakes. It was the best food in the world at that time. There is also a shop there that sells clothes and cycle parts.

Having rested, we walked down the road, four miles to where the road ends Dowlow. That's the last piece of a steep slope was a real torture. It was worth it, though. After the group photo shoot, roll back nearly two miles to sell.




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