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Private Cloud Computing – The trendy mode

by kalpeshkumar

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Most of the people could have a basic awareness about the word cloud computing. The cloud computing is one where the servers, software, network is owned by a vendor. The customers can access these resources on demand remotely from any part of the world. The vendors might charge certain fee from the users for providing the service. In some cases, the service is offered even for free to the users. In such instances, the vendors gain the revenues through the advertisements.

The Private Cloud Computing is one of the various deployment models of the cloud computing. Under this model, the resources like servers, software are shared against a few clients relatively when compared to that of the public cloud model. This is gaining importance in these days.

Attractions of Private Cloud Computing

The medium and large companies of all the categories find the model quite beneficial. Some of the major advantages of the model are

Greater security

The privacy of the servers remains in safe hands at any cost. As there would be strict supervision over the servers, physical and technical security is improved to a great extent.

Highest Customization

As the servers and control remains in the hands of the companies, the companies can choose their own platform, desired operating system, required parameters and specifications etc. So, it no way needs to compromise in any aspect.

Private Cloud Computing Applications

There are numerous applications of the private Cloud Computing Applications. The companies have started to design their own applications based on their convenience.

A retail chain company can maintain a private cloud system on its own. There it can manage all its stores through various dynamic applications. It can choose its own platform, own applications with its own logo and unique parameters.

All the data of the company remains with the company. So, there would be no possibility of leakage of confidential information of the company to other people at any cost. This would ensure a best and reliable security to any large and multinational company.

In the same way, an IT company with huge number of branches can build a dedicated private cloud of its own. The company can handle the projects with its unique and robust performing servers and networks. Even if there is any problem in the server, it can be quickly fixed as the servers are easily accessible to them.


The Private Cloud computing applications would enable the company to build a network of its own that is free from the hackers. This would also ensure a greater security to the servers and data of the company. Additionally, the applications can be framed on the choice of the company and there does not exist any specific requirement for particular specification.

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