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Do You Really Know About Pearl Necklace?

by anonymous

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Pearl necklace is considered as one of the most significant pearl jewelry design for women. Wearing pearl necklace is the best way to improve our disposition and air. But do you really know the history of this very special and amazing design? Let me introduce some facts for you.
Obviously, pearl necklace is made buy a string of pearl. Natural pearl necklace is good for our skins. But for the marketing needs, not all the pearl necklaces you see are from natural pearl. So many areas in China cultivate pearl in the sea. And clam is the creator of pearl.
Therefore, the technology for cultivating pearls are very advancing nowadays, so some pearl necklace is as cheap as 50yuan, of course some natural ones cost priceless. As well, the price of pearl necklace also depends one the shape, the size, the color, the age, and so on. So identifying pearl is a very profound knowledge. So how to choose a pearl necklace who could suit you? Currently, more and more people wear pearl necklace but buy necklaces should pay particular attention to the effect on the skins. For example, yellow and pale complexion should purchase cream color, golden yellow, light pink and brown pearls.
wholesale pearl necklace
Color red and white, should choose white, purple, pink, silver, white, gray and with a brown complexion, should choose blue, gray, purple or brown. The different lengths of pearl necklaces are also required. People who are with narrow faces should choose short necklaces. And wide face people should choose a long necklace.
Since ancient times, people got the technique to identify pearl. This is because natural pearl jewelry is not only beautiful and more importantly, wearing it also has some role in nursing and caring effects. So how do you distinguish between natural pearl necklaces on the market? See a natural pearl necklace is real or not is not to see the pearl is not a natural pearl on the line. Artificial pearls uniform shape, pearl is dim. Rub it after astringent sense of friction with the glass still astringent feeling. Fake beads have the smooth feeling after rubbing. The feeling of touching natural pearl is chilly.
Breathe through your mouth to the pearl, the surface will appear on mist. Finally, we should also, in the selection of pearl necklace pearl included paying attention to see whether the connection is good, try a few times, and then view if the bracelet is intact. To see whether the connection connected, touch the tip carefully to see whether it will scratch the hand;
So I hope this article could help you to know more knowledge about jewelry necklace and it’s useful for you to choose wholesale pearl jewelry!

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