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Choosing Affordable Portable PA System That Meets Your Needs

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What is the prime function of a public address system? It is to amplify sound to enable more people to hear what is being said. A portable PA system simply means that you can take it to the location where you want the people to hear what you have to say or the music you want them to listen to.

The Portable PA system comes in myriad varieties and can cost from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, so it is better to identify your need, the kind of music or speech that needs to be played, the size of the audience, the space and location to help you decide how much you need to spend on it.

There are three parts to the portable sound system, a microphone to convert sound waves into an electronic signal, an amplifier to intensify the sound and a loudspeaker to convert the electrical impulse from the amplifier back into sound waves. Irrespective of the type of portable system you invest in, these three factors are consistent constants.

To buy one that does not stretch your purse beyond reasonable limits and yet meet your requirements calls for keeping in mind these considerations before you decide on which one to buy.

The first thing to consider is when selecting a PA system is power. The larger the audience and more the space you have to cover, the more the power you need. Not only the space but the location also matters. A large air-conditioned auditorium will need lesser wattage than a relatively smaller outdoor space where there could be noise disturbances. Always buy one with a slightly higher wattage than you need - you never know when the need may arise for a higher wattage usage.

How often do you have to lug the equipment around will determine the size and weight of the system. They come in all sizes. Compact enough to fit in the luggage on a plane and huge enough to require a separate trailer attached to your car to muscle them around.

The number of inputs is also important. You may need to connect more than one microphone or instruments. HappieAmp 2.0 is the most preferred system by entertainers, public speakers and wedding arrangers. Two people can speak simultaneously and it is powerful enough, to amplify sound for an audience of up to 400 people. In addition it has a rechargeable battery and comes with speaker and receivers with individual volume controls for microphones and music.

In addition to providing outstanding portable sound systems, HappieAmp are the destination of choice for wireless speaker systems, wireless sound system and wireless microphone systems.

Many portable systems have built-in features like feedback detection, digital effects, built in CD players and wireless microphone systems which make their portability that much more easier and eases out other equipment that you may otherwise need to carry.

Last but not the least, wherever you take your portable you have to plug it into a source of power, but what if the place where you are going has no electrical outlets. Then your system has to run on batteries. Hence it is best to buy a product that has built-in battery packs.

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