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PET bottle perform mould only developed in China for about 10 years. But the requirement of PET preform has accordingly become more and more, which leads many investors to set foot on the PET preform production field. To meet the different requirements for the PET preform, PET preform mold from different customers, Sino has successfully developed advanced hot runner PET preform mold from 1 cavity to 128 cavities for standard neck PET.


The light weight of the PET preform is a special advantage. It is easily to carry while it is much lighter than the other materials, which can also help to reduce the shipping fee while it is in large amount shipment. Although it is lighter, the PET preform is still strong enough to bearing the outside impact. The wall is thinner, which can deduct the weight while it can provide a high strength without breaking easily.


As we all know, tea (include black tea and green tea), juice drink is the developing point. Most of packing container is the PET perform bottle. And the proportion has increase tendency. PET perform bottle normal producing progress: injecting into a PET preform –PET preform heated and then stretched longitudinally—stretched broad wise—blow the products.


Initially, customer pay more attention to the quality of juice, and nowadays, packing is gain more attention. The quality of PET preform bottle depends on supplied PET preform, However, PET preform quality will depends on the PET preform mould.


Sino Mould Co., Ltd, professional PET preform mould supplier, has rich experience in making PET preform mould. We ever made 64 cavities PET preform mould and we are studying the 128 cavities mould now. We also made many PET preform productional lines for client who has the requirement.


We use 3D drawing to design PETC preform mould, which can make the design more exactly. And also we use famous injection machine to produce PET preform mould to meet clients’ requirement.


In my opinion, PET preform mould has the characteristic as bellows:


1. 3D drawing is needed in PET preform mould design to increase the mission success rate.

2. PET preform mould should use stainless steel to keep product more durable and more stable.

3. PET preform cycle time is short and can improve production efficiency.

4. According to the body of the bottle, we can design for many different kinds of PET preform bottle.

5. QC department has a strict administration to ensure product quality.


We can provide an efficient concealed cooling system to make PET preform. All the services we provide are cost efficiency and help to reduce the client's budget. Moreover, the customer can design the size and dimension according to the marketing purpose while our engineer will fully support the idea and drawing of PET preform. Because of the flexibility of the PET preform; it can shape into any desire type base on the specification. We also provide blowing mould. If you want to buy PET preform mould, please feel free to contact us.

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