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nervous insomnia

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nervous insomnia





Mental stress, insomnia is another common cause of female hair loss causes. This situation can inadvertently let the hair slowly "aging." Guo said, nervousness, anxiety, or insomnia can cause serious neurological disorders, capillary contraction continued in the hair follicles get adequate blood supply, causing the hair follicle malnutrition, leading to hair loss. Like office workers, professional drivers, night race, the company's management and so may lead to hair loss because of mental stress.

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Summer day short night, nightlife, and some young people often stay up late, which causes the hair growth cycles, hair loss phenomenon.

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exposure, swimming

UV damage to the skin only, the same will make the hair dry yellow, so the summer to go out, to avoid exposure, wear a hat or umbrella shade is best.


If you want to swim in the pool or the beach but also to pay attention to protect the hair. Hair stained with sea salt will absorb the sun's ultraviolet rays, the extent of damage the hair enhanced several times. The swimming pool chlorine in the water will cause damage to the hair, so swimming in these places, then you can wear a bathing cap in advance, after the swim, rinse your hair thoroughly clean and use hair conditioner, best hair care .


Most of these living rational alopecia, the hair follicle structure is not destroyed, after treatment, lifestyle changes, relieve stress, can regenerate new hair, hair loss will be better. And permanent hair loss is hair follicle structure destroyed and can not be recycled, such as trauma and fungal infections. Thus, Professor Guo stressed that found hair loss, you must first find the cause of hair loss caused by the right remedy in order to receive better results.


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