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The variety of seeds and their different aspects

by dormatwalls

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Today the heirloom gardening, seeds and vegetables are becoming
popular in a very large scale. One can see people on a large scale
coming back or preferring home gardening today for a various reasons.
They are also prominently figuring the heirloom seeds.
Some of them also include the interest in local and healthy foods due
to their fresh nature while the others need to stretch the food budget
of their family. Some of the people also have the additional need of
the outdoor exercises while the other people are still searching for
the pleasure of having a family garden which they might have tasted in
their childhood years. Many individuals think that the term heirloom
has the same meaning which the term organic has. The matter becomes
more perplexing when some of the large companies of the seed sell both
the seeds that are heirloom and hybrid which have been certified as the
organic product. Comparison between the heirloom and hybrid seeds is
very much common in the present days.

Heirloom means a valuable thing for any individual which has been
passed from one generation to another. Hence, the above mentioned term
specifies a plant seed that has been passed on from one generation to
the other. It is grown very carefully due to its value. The value can
lie in the productivity of the seed, its flavour, adaptability or
hardiness. Many of the heirlooms have been grown and passed from one
generation to the other for more than a century. Some of them are even
three hundred years old. As they have been preserved and saved for so
long times, the variety of these seed has shown their importance to
many of the families for a long period of time.

The full form of GMO is Genetically Modified Organisms. The GMO
seeds are altered by inducing in them the DNA of different species
which give them the different traits of hybridity, resistance and the
nature of accepting the chemical fertilisers and the pesticides. The Non-gmo seed
is that which did not undergo the process of DNA alteration and genetic
modification. The important genetically modified crops are soybean,
corn, cotton and wheat. Many people think that the GMO poses a great
threat for the other lives on earth and so most of the upcoming
companies which deal with seeds are moving into the commitment of
producing the Non-gmo seed. But this guarantee has got a lot of
difficulty on its way to get it put into practice. According to many
the food supplies should be better and people need to get properly
educated for implementing this.

The survival seed bank is a type of seed bank which produces huge
amounts of nutritious foods in pounds for every penny which is thought
to be enough for feeding the world population forever. With this
special bank, one can grow any food for survival in any part of the
country. The prepper supplies are those which are given to people in
the worst cases of emergency. It consists of stored food and survival
kit for surviving disasters.

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