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When is it time to replace your windows and doors: A Short C

by AlexBlaway83

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There is no doubt that upgrading your doors and windows is a great idea. These parts of your house dictate the security, energy efficiency, and over all look of your home. If you are thinking twice about doing it, don't worry since most home owners also consider it major decision and investment. You need to determine if you really need an Orlando window and door replacement service to upgrade your home.

There are certain signals that you need to look for when considering door and windows replacement. Some of problems like rotting and leaks are quite obvious but there are also symptoms that are not as easy to detect. Below are some things you might want to consider to determine if getting a window replacement, door replacement, or both should be done now:

Hot and Cold Spots

On a warm or cool day, go near a window and check the area near the window for any hot or cold spots. If you find some, this means that your windows are not providing enough insulation to the house. Of course, this inefficiency translates to higher electricity bill.

Window Frames and Door Jambs

Using a flat screwdriver or any blunt tool, tap the window frame and check for softness of the wood. If you can push the tip of the screw driver easily into the wood material, then it is a clear sign of decay, which may require replacement of the frame. Do the same for all of the windows at home.

Also check the door slab and the door jambs for cracks and other signs of wear and tear. Orlando window and door replacement might be more practical if you are looking at the long-term instead of fixing these problems.

Outside Noise and Drafts

As your windows age, the insulation around them also deteriorates. This leads to a formation of small openings that allow drafts and unwanted sound to enter your home. Older glass panes are also not specifically designed to reduce noise or provide much insulation so upgrading to a better windows system should be considered. You can check for drafts by lighting a candle and placing it near the edge of the window, if it flickers then drafts can get into small spaces caused by its deterioration.

Seal Failure

You can also check for seal failure or caulk by standing outside and running a flashlight around the window frame. If someone sees light leaking in, then this means you got caulk leading to energy loss.

The same is true for doors. You can also look for fogging or condensation on your doors and windows. With moisture coming in, an Orlando window and door replacement may be timely.

Problematic Operation

If opening and closing your door or windows require a good amount of effort, the studs your frame is attached too might have been bowed or warped. If aside from looking old, your door and window locks are also difficult to open or close, then you might want to consider upgrading if small fixes will not be practical anymore.



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