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Know More about Your Savior Corner Guards

by anonymous

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Shopping is loved by almost every one of us. You will find hardly anyone who hate going for shopping. You won't go for shopping alone, right? Until and unless you have got some friends or some of your family members you don't like to go out for shopping. The main thing is to have company of your loved ones. If you got their company then the fun of shopping doubles up and multiplies bringing happiness all around you.

Now, to go with your family members or with your friends you need to take out your car, isn't it? As in bike more than two people cannot adjust, right? Taking out vehicle and having loved ones in it is fun but parking the vehicle is yet another trouble if the parking of the mall is house full. Sometimes, the space is so occupied that you find trouble parking your vehicle in congested area. And, accidently sometimes the vehicles touch the pillar made on the parking block. But the damage is not done. Amazed how can it be? It is because of the corner guards fixed on the walls. Yes, the guards are of two types that saves your vehicle from getting smashed.

You too might have noticed the yellow and black guards or black and red guards on the four edges of the pillar. But do you the features that they carry to save your vehicle. The corner guards come in two different types. One Rubber and another EVA featured. They first one carry features such as:

  • Black base with eye-catching tape colour options in yellow, white and lime
  • Highly reflective tape is inserted on all-weather resistance reflective material
  • Contrived from flexible and high strength rubber from flexible posts suppliers
  • Easy fixing and durable product
  • Worldwide standard bright colours efficiently catch the drivers attention
  • Tamper resistant

Eva corner guards carry features such as:

  • It is made of EVA raw materials that are eco-friendly
  • Easy installation and durable product
  • It is hot resistant, durable and non- toxic
  • It is widely used in the amusement parks, hospitals, office, and parking lot. Specifically, where there is the gathering of lots of people.
  • They are shockproof, easy to clean, act as anti- bumping
  • They are available in different colors

These are the special features that it carries. Similarly, we love to travel by metro but do we know that how much metro construction barrier provide its aid. It carries features such as:

  • Provision to put reflective markers as well as tape
  • Excellent impact absorbing capability and many more

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