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Spy pen secretly making a place in your mind

by spygadgetonline

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In the past three decades mini video recording gadgets have become common objects of fancy for people. They feel good when they own one. Technology has made this splendid object a resplendent one. The sizes of Spy pen gadgets are evolving. From biggies they have become minis. They are now available in tiny sizes in the consumer market. This change has come only because of the demand of consumers. They wanted something that they could hold in pocket. They wished to hide this darling secret agent somewhere within their outfit. So, manufacturers made it small (really, really small).

Color of this marvelous gadget plays in important role in the purchasing decision of customers. They want their Spy pen gadgets to look fancy and highly flamboyant. Although it will not fall in notice, but still users want it to look colorful and lively (just like our dear Bond 007). Yes, they wish to become like him (Mr. B). Everyone has Bond instincts lurking inside him. When they look at that fancy gadget they feel that they are secret agents.


Young generation goes crazy when it browses such gadgets in shopping malls and standalone kiosks. Earlier hidden cam was an object specifically in use for secret and surveillance missions. Cops thought that it is only for them and the common public does not qualify for its use. However, these advanced gadgets have broken all traditional shackles. Why should cops have all the fun? (Sorry, ah ... copyright violation). Let the commoners have the espionage fun too.

Blockbuster movies featuring Bond have put great impact on minds of young lads. Now, these young fellows are starting to plan a career centering around investigation and secret missions. They wish to become cops and want to save the world. However, they are ready to do such things only if they have those cool and fanciful gadgets with them. So, the sellers had to obey these kids. The first demand is to make these gadgets tinier. Sellers fulfilled it. Next demand from the young is to make these tiny machines customizable. Sellers fulfilled that demand as well. Next came the need for user-friendliness. That was there since the beginning. However, sellers are trying earnestly to increase user-friendliness.


Folks, hidden cam is popular in the virtual land as well.


Yes, video games and other fascinating web applications feature use of these mini gadgets as well. Kids love such virtual games that have animated robots carrying those mini gadgets. So, in a way these cool and fanciful gadgets are buzzing trends in both real and virtual world.


Now, people are aware of the fact that technology makes even the prejudiced liberated.


Kudos to the gadget sellers. Double thumbs up.



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