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Is It OK to Add Milk and Sugar to Your Healthy Tea?

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Tea is a beverage that offers many health benefits. However, these benefits don't take into account adding cream and sugar to your tea. It's true that these additions do not take away most of your tea's known benefits, but they can actually contribute to a variety of health problems.

First and foremost, drinking tea should be fun. So before you decide whether it's good or bad to add cream and sugar to your tea, there's one thing you have to keep in mind: the most important factor in your ability to appreciate healthy tea is your own personal taste. You drink your tea the way you like it best, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

That being said, you ought to know that cream and sugar can mask the naturally occurring flavors in some teas. When you purchase high quality tea, you may miss out on a unique flavor experience if you mix it with something else. Would you ever mix your favorite wine with coke, syrup, or heavy cream if you knew that doing so would take away the essence of your drink? Probably not.

Effects of cream

Cream contains about 44 calories per tablespoon. If you're struggling with a few extra pounds, adding a spoonful of cream to your cup of tea can cancel out any weight loss benefits you were hoping to enjoy. It's true that tea's weight loss effects are minimal, but they are benefits nonetheless. When you add cream to your tea, you won't be able to maximize its cholesterol-reducing and fat-burning effects, but you'll still get a good dose of antioxidants.

Effects of sugar

Adding sugar to a cup of tea does not remove antioxidants and other compounds that promote good health, but the use of excessive sugar, specifically refined sugar, can lead to several health issues. For one thing, it can lead to insulin resistance, which then increases your chances of getting several diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and even cancer.


Instead of cream, try low-fat milk instead, which has a negligible amount of calories. Replace sugar with a nonnutritive sweetener. Over time, reduce the amount of additives in your tea until your taste buds can adjust to its natural flavor. Then, you will be reaping all the benefits that drinking loose leaf tea products can offer. Learn more about this topic by visiting—just-long-dont-add-milk.html.

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