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what is the cost of a tubal reversal?

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Tubal reversal surgery is the procedure to restore the fallopian tubes that are undergone tubal surgical sterilization. It’s cost is effective and affordable in all over the world because it includes everything for your tubal reversal surgery procedure. Dr. Morice and group of team provide tubal sterilization reversal surgery at the most cost-effective rate of $5,250(Every-thing included). The sterilization surgery cost is included of:

•          Professional surgeon’s fee

•          Anesthesia fees

•          Surgical suite

•          Medication fee

•          Operation room for tubal reversal surgery

•          Weekly report of patient

However, there are no hidden charges in the procedure of our clinic and at the same time it is highest pregnancy success rate with tubal ligation reversal. This procedure of surgery has a fast restore rate and great rate of fertility after tubal ligation surgery. It is often successful for those women who have had tubal ligation reversal. We ensure to the patient that our surgery is successful, affordable, reliable and comfortable.  

Although, tubal ligation reversal cost can be covered by insurance plans because some insurance companies cover the cost of tubal sterilization. If your insurance carrier will cover, they will send you the reimbursement check directly with insurance code ICD-9 = 628.2 and CPT = 58750. You might submit your insurance file regarding your insurance carrier in the patient department. Our account department staff will verify your insurance information and decide that your insurance cost is covering the surgery procedure.

Dr. Morice is the expert surgeon and microsurgical technician who have more than 15 years experience in tubal sterilization with excellent pregnancy rates. He performs all the outpatient facilities because after the tubal reversal surgery procedure, your abdominal incision.

When you are ready to surgery, you have to require $500 for your appointment scheduling fee which will be added in your standard fee if your sterilization surgery confirm with the doctor then you have to pay remaining fee $4,750. The scheduling fee is non refundable. Please feel free to contact us for further detail and information our E-mail or fax (985) 384-0329 and can reach our center by calling (985) 702-BABY (2229).

The actual procedure of it is testing procedure which is requiring stitch material. The average time period of this process is minimum 1 to 2 hours. After one week women can perform their normal activities. Finally if any doubt exits that the procedure would have a best chance of your successful tubal ligation.

Please don’t feel hesitation to browse our website for furthermore information: Our staff nurses and doctors team lead you in the best direction of your tubal reversal surgery. You can know the success rate of your tubal reversal surgery by emailing your report of tubal ligation. Every day a lots of patients get answer their questions.

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