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Are Home Ultrasound Devices Safe and Effective?

by homeultrasound03

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Chronic pain conditions affect more than 100 million Americans. In fact, chronic pain is more common than cancer, coronary heart disease, and strokes. Many chronic pain sufferers are saddled with significant health care expenses. Americans who suffer from pain are also more prone to filing for disability, which seriously impacts their income stream. Combining the overall costs of health care and loss of wages, dealing from chronic pain is both physically and monetarily distressing. There is a less expensive alternative—the ultrasound therapy machine. Home ultrasound devices are easy to use, but are they safe and effective?

Before you make an investment in one of these devices, it is important to investigate a particular product’s safety of usage and effectiveness.

Safety of Usage

One of the major differences between the kind of ultrasound machine that a professional health care provider uses and a home ultrasound machine is the types of waves they generate. The ultrasound machine in a doctor’s office produces continuous waves, while the home model generates pulsed ultrasonic waves. So what does this mean?

The pulsed waves of home ultrasound machines are safe for use by the general public. The continuous waves generated by the ultrasound machines that health care professionals use could be dangerous when ultrasound therapy is not provided by a skilled technician. Applying ultrasound treatments at home through a portable device is safe when directions are followed properly. In fact, there are no documented adverse effects of using ultrasound therapy.


Clinical studies and medical trials have found that the use of ultrasound therapy has significant and positive effects on alleviating chronic pain. According to these studies, ultrasound therapy gets to the root of the cause of the pain. Taking medications and drugs will only mask the symptoms of a chronic pain condition, whereas ultrasound an actually help to heal.

The Proven Benefits of Home Ultrasound

Home ultrasound machines provide many benefits. Ultrasound therapy helps relieve inflammation and swelling, leading to a decrease in pain. In addition to this, ultrasound waves help to trigger tissue repair—They have even been shown to aid in the healing of bone fractures. With the application of ultrasound, the affected site can heal more quickly.

If you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from chronic pain conditions, now is the time for you to invest in an ultrasound therapy machine. Home ultrasound devices are proven to help speed along healing and lift pain symptoms. Visit the EZUltrasound website at for more information on easy-to-use home ultrasound models.

Elsie Dressler is a thirty-year-old writer and editor of several online publications and blogs. One of her most knowledgeable topics include ultrasound therapy and at home therapy, including the likes of EZUltrasound ( In her free time she attends concerts and movies in the park after dark. She is an East Coast girl through and through.

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